Best and Famous Hotel To Stay In Singapore

Singapore is separated by just a thin river from Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Yes, I'm proud to be a Johorean but sadly I've never been there. How I wish to go to Singapore one fine day. Since the pandemic Covid-19 started, we are not able to travel anywhere.

But we can plan for the next trip anyway. Firstly, we need to study about the country first. Here some planning of mine. Where to go, what to do, which hotel to choose, and foods in Singapore that we should try.

What's so special about Singapore

Singapore is a safe and secure environment. We don't have to worry about safety. And the best thing is you can taste multi-cultural food like Malaysian, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Indonesian, and Western.

Even though both Singaporean and Malaysian cuisine takes influence from the same cultures, but they have their regional differences. To taste the original taste, we have to be there of course!

And we know that Singapore is the cleanest street in the world and the country bans chewing gum. The rules were implemented in 1992 and its strict laws. Littering, vandalism, public urination and even spitting on the streets, you can be charged.

Top 30 Attractions In Singapore

1. The Merlion
2. Universal Studios Singapore
3. Supertree Grove
4. Garden by the bay
5. Singapore Botanic Gardens
6. Singapore Zoo
7. National Orchid Garden
8. Cloud Forest
9. Sands Skypark Observation Deck
10. Singapore Flyer
11. Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT)
12. Jurong Bird Park
13. Little India and Arab Street
14. Chinatown
15. Changi Museum
16. S.E.A Aquarium
17. Changi Beach
18. Sentosa Island
19. Punggol Waterway Park
20. Pulau Ubin
21. Clarke Quay
22. Marina Bay
23. The treetop walk at MacRitchie Reservoir
24. Orchid Road
25. Singapore Night Safari
26. Reverse Bungy
27. Lau Pa Sat Market
28. Cruises and boat rides
29. Sungei buloh Wetland Reserve
30. Esplanade Theatres On The Bay

Where to Stay In Singapore

As recommended by someone, the best places in Singapore to stay are Orchard Hotel and Pan Pacific Singapore. Both Orchard Hotel and Pan Pacific Singapore Hotel are among the famous hotels in Singapore. But if you're looking for a cheaper and affordable hotel, there are a lot of budget hotels to choose from.

Orchard Hotel

Orchard Hotel is a strategically located area that is in the best-rated area in Singapore. It Features modern furnishings that looks like European-style prints or Chinese accents. For your information, The Orchard Hotel is newly renovated. As you can see, the design is very elegant and exclusive.

Orchard Hotel

Universal Studio Singapore is just nearby from Orchard Hotel about 5.98km. Good choice I guess and a nice hotel.

Pan Pacific Singapore

Pan Pacific Singapore Hotel is in the best-rated area in Singapore as well, located in the Central Business District. Nearby the Universal Studio Singapore and Singapore National Stadium. This is a five stars hotel so that you can enjoy and experience the best staycation in Singapore.

Pan Pacific Singapore

Okay, next! Talk about food. It is a must when we travel. We should try some local food and most popular food in Singapore. Even similar dishes in Malaysia but the taste is different.

Most popular food in Singapore

1. Chili Crab, the national dish of Singapore
2. Hainanese Chicken
3. Nasi Lemak, the famous malay local dish
4. Otak-Otak, A Nyonya Cuisine Specialty
5. Kaya Toast with Kopi, the best Singaporean breakfast
6. Martabak, stuffed folded omelette pancake
7. Biryani, aromatic rice with spies dish
8. Roti Prata, the South Indian flatbread
9. Fried Hokkien Mee, the famous one Singapore Stir Fried Noodles
10. Char Kway Teow, the famous local Singapore food

What else? Wanna share some experiences of yours? Please leave a comment. Thank you.


  1. I think I like Singapore..been there about two or three times..I got Japan vibes while exploring around..

    1. Really Japan vibes? Hari- hari boleh jengah tu sebab sebelah je kan. Cuma covid je lah jadi penghalangnya. huhu

  2. Teringin nak pergi Singapore...Walaupun dekat je tapi masih belum menjejakkan kaki disana hehehe. Singapore cantikkk.

    1. Samalah kita. Takpe, menabung dulu. Harap ada rezeki kita dapat ke sana nanti. Aaminn

  3. Tak ingat bila kali terakhir ke Singapura. Rasanya dalam 3 tahun lepas. Ada sedara mara di sana. Kali terakhir pergi sebab ada anak buah kahwin.

    1. Best tu ada sedara mara kat sana. Sambil bercuti boleh melawat sekali 😊

  4. saya baru sekali ke singapore pada tahun 2014 klu tak silap. itu pon tak sempat jalan2 sgt pasal pergi ke USS

    1. Untung juga dah pernah jejak Singapore. Kalau dah ke USS memang masa banyak kat situ je. Tapi itupun macam tak puas juga kan? Banyak kena explore kat USS tu.

  5. dah lama pasang impian nak pegi Marina Bay... tp tu laa kobit kobittt

    1. kobit ni jahat betul kan. Kita pun pasang impian lama dah. Cuma tak sampai sampai lagi. huhu

  6. selagi ada covid ni selagi itula susah mau travel jauh huhu
    simpan dalam list ja la dlu kn hehe

    1. Itulah pasalnya. covid ni punca banyak benda tergendala. huhu

  7. Pejabat Sha pernah berura-ura untk ke singapura untuk sesi lawatan.. Tapi tertangguh dan akhirnya covid19.. Tak tahulah bila akan ada peluang balik..

  8. Sebenarnya kan..akak nak sangat explore Spore...tapi tu la..ntah bila kan...passport pun dah mati bulan 2 ari tu...lambat lagi nak renew nampaknya..

  9. It has been a long time I visited Singapore. Pergi masa kecil. Sudah lebih 30 tahun tidak jejak Singapura. Pengalaman sebab mak pergi beli-belah, waktu itu kira murah dengan tukaran wang ketika itu.

  10. Pernah pergi sekali je... semangat buat passport .. but then.. next year tu.. Covid plak dahhhh... passport pun simpan ajeee...


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