Skin Repair Treatments Explored

Saturday, February 08, 2020

Assalamualaikum/Salam Sejahtera
Having a beautiful and healthy skin is everyone's dream. There are a lot of things that go into keeping your skin healthy. You have to stay abreast of every aspect of skincare for the best chances of avoiding or quickly reversing skin damage. That includes everything from what you can do yourself at home to the procedures that require professional skincare assistance. So, let's explore some popular skin repair treatments.

Any Steps You Take at Home
At-home skincare products are a huge part of the skincare industry. Any positive steps you take at home are better than doing nothing at all to protect your skin. However, almost all at-home skincare products have one thing in common. That is they are only designed to delay damage, not repair it once it occurs. Some might reverse very minor damage if applied as directed for a very long time, but actual effective, fast home remedies are few and far between.

A Visit to a Laser Skincare Clinic
One of the best places you can go when your skin health starts to decline and you need professional assistance is a skincare clinic specializing in laser treatment. There you can find many types of lasers that treat multiple skin conditions. Some of those are diode-devices to repair damaged skin. Other laser devices have different construction and specializations. Therefore, you have to identify which type of treatment you want and require.

When you visit a laser clinic for treatment, expect to spend approximately an hour for an actual procedure. You also need to schedule a consultation before your first appointment. That will allow the clinician to assess your skin and make sure the procedure you choose is right for you.

Why Different Lasers Are Required for Skincare Treatment
Different lasers are necessary for skincare procedures for a variety of reasons. Two of the top reasons are skin type and desired treatment type. For example, lasers designed only to treat deep tissues are called non-ablative. Lasers that perform skin peels are known as ablative. Choosing between the two depends on if you want general revitalization of your skin over the course of several weeks or immediate surface treatment of specific visible abnormalities.

The reason skin type also matters is that human skin has different thicknesses on different parts of the body. Two people can also have variance in skin thicknesses when comparing the same body regions. Also, skin colors vary greatly. Since some lasers look for dark areas to treat, a dark-skinned person is at a disadvantage during those types of treatments. Therefore, a special laser designed to treat dark skin is necessary.

Repairing Your Skin with Other Forms of Light
One thing you also must know before you visit a skincare clinic is all lasers are light therapy devices. However, some light therapy devices are not lasers. LED therapy and intense pulsed light (IPL) are also available. Typically, lasers produce more heat than those other therapies. Therefore, choosing one is better if you have concerns about oily skin, which is easily burned. However, lasers also tend to be the most accurate and produce the fastest results.

Final Things to Note Before Procedure Selection
At-home care and laser treatment are, of course, not your only options. Clinics offer many other alternative treatments as well. Microdermabrasion is one. It removes surface debris without the heat of a laser. You can also opt for treatment with ultrasound or radio frequency therapy. Then there are procedures like chemical peels, which can do what lasers do but using different methods. Always choose a procedure based first on a professional clinician's assessment of your skin. If the clinician says you are a good candidate for more than one treatment, make the final choice based on cost, side effects and other factors, such as personal preferences or projected recovery times.

With Love, Sihatimerahjambu


  1. Nowadays people choose the faster one to have their skin repair.

  2. Sometimes, using at-home products becomes the only option, because it is cheaper than at-clinic one 😂

    Unfortuntely, some of us dont realize, the long term of at-home porducts usage has spent much more money without the maximum result

  3. Paling takot laser kulit.hehe..tula side effect cost sume ttgjwb sendiri

  4. fiza..kita tag fiza dalam GA mamapipie tau.. jom join GA ni ;)

  5. great sharing sista.. laser bg sy agk menggerunkan at least mesti efek jgk klu xbyk sikit mesti ada. buat masa ni xberani lagi lah..tatau akan dtg kot2 sampai seru nak buat

  6. tak pernah buat skin repair lagi
    harapnya tak perlu lah, yg laser tu sound scary

  7. waaa~ macam best je kalau dapat kan. terus flawless giteww ^^

  8. duit pun kena banyak juga kalau nk buat ni hehehe

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