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Cerita afzalsukasuki

What you can expect in 2012

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ

Entry di tahun baru ni agak excited nak post tapi macam malas sangat nak menaip.Ishh..tahun baru dah malas malas dah ye.Bukan pe,penat sangat hari ni..bangun awal pagi,pergi LCCT hantar anak buah..lepas tu balik houskeeping pulak.So,letih ya amat lah.

Tadi dalam kereta dah pikir nak sambung tido je tapi tak jadi pulak lepas hadap lappy.Sempat jugak Fiza selak selak surat khabar hari ni.Ni Fiza nak share sikit apa yang dijangkakan dalam tahun 2012.
1. RM300 fine for those who don't buckle up in the back.
2. Better personal data protection.
3. General election
4. Free schooling for year one pupils.
5. Euro 2012 Fever
6. Anti-competitive practices to be curbed.
7. Pay rise for civil servants.
8. New MyKads from Jan 3
9. RM500 aid for the people.
10. Return of the RM20 note
11. New guidelines on childcare centers and kindergartens.
12. Applications for credit cards to be based on net income.
13. Prince William and Kate Middleton to visit Malaysia
14. Race relations Bill to be tabled.
15. Automatic transmission driving test to be introduced
16. 50% discount on LRT and monorail services for senior citizens.
17. Faster travel for KTM users.
18. Higher EPF contribution from employers.
19. Household waste to be separated from September.
20. Developers to face jail time for abandoning  projects.
21. Decision on Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's second sodomy case.
22. The London olympics
23. Repeal of Internal Security Act(ISA)
Fiza amek dari the star.So,Fiza taip terus je lah dan ringkaskan.Korang translate dalam bahasa ok.^__^
notapink : Semangat nak tukar MyKad baru ni ^__^
With ❤,
Azhafizah MN

Azhafizah Md Nor
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  1. yeee sheda pun wat mykad baru hihi leh x wat peace mase nk tngkp tuh hik3x smat taun baru to fiza ekeke

  2. tukar mykad?adoii mas de tengok berita tapi tak tahula mmg wajib semua tukar or bila teruk je?coz mas dah la prob kalau tukar2 ni..eee

  3. aha, menanti yg no.18 tu hihi cerah sikit masa dpn

  4. kena tukar lagi ek mykad? hee, baru je tukar 2 bulan lepas ;)

  5. paling berminat sekali nak dapatkan duit baru tu..:)

  6. hanya mengharapkan terus diberi peluang untuk memperbaiki diri.

  7. harap2 terlaksana semua tu..memudahkan kita..

  8. Automatic transmission driving test to be introduced . whoaaaa !

  9. no 3 general election... PRU 13
    first time bleh ngundi nih...

  10. x sabo nk ngudi nih:)
    malaysia...PEACE YOOO~

  11. aduhhhh tukar lagi mykad..hihihi @_@
    berdebar-debar pulak untuk tahun 2012 ni. apa pulak perubahan yg bakal terjadi..


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